Sedalia, MO

Welcome to Sedalia, MO

One of the best perks of travel is immersing yourself in the new and unexplored, learning the hidden secrets and local lore you never would have come across if it weren’t for the journey. And Sedalia makes the possibilities for adventure and exploration inevitable. 

Two hikers on the Katy Trail in Sedalia, Missouri.

Greatness is in Our Jeans

Step off Amtrak’s “Missouri River Runner” with your bike at the Sedalia station and begin exploring the city on two wheels. Just across the parking lot from the Amtrak Station, you will find seasonal American cuisine and craft cocktails inside the historic Lamy’s Manufacturing Company, the original home of Levi’s blue jean production for more than 50 years! Likewise, in this remarkable building resides Josey Books & Records. Browse more than 30,000 book titles and 10,000 records, with record players on hand to test out the vinyl before buying. For more shopping pleasure under one big roof, explore the Southern Maven Boutique.

Stay Like the Stars

To experience the Sedalia star treatment, visit the upscale Ivory Grille and Oak Room inside the historic Hotel Bothwell, only a few blocks away from the Amtrak station. If you plan to stay overnight in Sedalia, the Bothwell is bike-friendly, offers a special Katy Trail rate, and is only six blocks away from the Katy Trailhead at the landmark Katy Depot

The Hotel Bothwell opened in 1928 and has seen some pretty famous guests come through her doors in the last 94 years. It was at this hotel in 1934 that Harry S Truman first learned that he had been selected to run for US Senate. He returned in 1962 as the now former President of the United States. The famous actress Bette Davis was a guest in 1942, and, in 1959, actors Clint Eastwood and Eric Fleming promoted a brand-new TV series “Rawhide” at the hotel. As some older fans of the Western TV genre might remember — Sedalia was the railhead town that Rowdy Yates, Gil Favor, and the rest of the crew were always pushing their cattle towards. Head ‘em up and move ‘em out!

Crush Your Cravings

If casual dining is more to your liking, ride another block south to Fitters 5th Street Pub. This straightforward bar and grill serves up pizza, American comfort food, and sports on multiple TV screens. Outdoor dining is also available on the patio.

In need of a caffeine boost? Look no further than the Ozark Coffee Roastery (just a block south of Fitters) to find a globally sourced and locally roasted cup o’ joe that will knock your socks off. If you’re looking for a different type of “hop” in your step, pedal a few doors down to Craft Beer Cellar, where you’ll find a wide selection of beers from small breweries across America. 

While we’re home to many more fabulous eats, Sedalia is also famous for being the home of the Gooberburger. What’s that, you ask? Well, a Gooberburger is essentially a peanut butter-topped hamburger. And while it may sound strange, many who have tried this unique combination will attest that the Gooberburger is pretty tasty! Try one for yourself at Kehde’s Barbecue or Goody’s Steak Burgers

Ready, Set, Ride

Start your riding adventure on the “right track” at Katy Trail State Park’s mile marker 227.1. This marker is one of two trailheads in Sedalia and the location of Sedalia’s Welcome Center and Katy Depot Store — known for its trail souvenirs such as custom jerseys and socks. The beautiful, 127year-old depot is the first building in Sedalia nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. Along with its gift shop, it boasts a historical exhibit gallery, event facility, and visitor information center.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide all types of resources for two-wheeled travelers. Quiz them about Mr. Bothwell’s bees and the castle north of town or the bronze statues at the state fairgrounds and the cattle drives that inspired their creation. Ask them about the art at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art or the story of the King of Ragtime and the “Maple Leaf Rag.” If you have the time, we have the stories!

Need to rest up before hitting the trail? Choose from a wide selection of our lodging facilities that are bike (and budget) friendly. A good night’s sleep will get you trail-ready in no time — though, you may want to grab one last Gooberburger before you go.  


State Fair Community College
3201 W 16th St.
Sedalia MO 65301
Phone: 660-530-5800

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